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Low-Cost Clinics Ottawa & Manhattan KS

Price: $120/dog, $80/cat

Package Includes: Spay/Neuter, free microchip, free rabies vaccine and free DAPPV vaccine for dogs or FVRCP vaccine for cats.

You will be able to select your clinic date when you complete the application.

Drop off Times:

Cats - between 8:15am and 8:30am

Dogs - between 8:45am and 9:00am

Pick up Times (same day):

Cats - between 1:00pm and 2:00pm

Dogs - between 3:00pm and 4:00pm

Payments are due 1 week in advance of the clinics to keep the fee as low as possible.

Gambino the dog
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Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Process


Complete the Application & Surgical Consent

You can put up to 5 animals on one application


Review & Payment

If your application is approved you will receive an email with a link to prepay for your appointment with a credit/debit card & the deadline to prepay.

If your application is denied you will be notified via email.


Drop Off

Once you have prepaid, your appointment is confirmed and you should plan to drop off your pet(s) on the date/time indicated in the email.


Pick Up

At pick up you will be provided with medical records, 3 days of pain medication and aftercare instructions.


Keep in mind that low-cost clinics differ significantly from the spay/neuter services at your regular veterinarian. Here are the most frequently asked questions:

  1. Can I fill out a paper application? No, digital applications are necessary to serve a high volume of pets in a single day while keeping prices at an affordable rate. Ask a friend, family member or neighbor to help you if you need.

  2. Why do I have to prepay? Low-cost spay/neuter can only be achieved with a high volume of pets, and minimal no-shows. Your appointment is not secured unless you prepay.

  3. What if I don’t need/want the other services and I just want the spay/neuter? The microchip and vaccines will always be administered unless you bring proof of vaccination or scanning your pet identifies it is already microchipped. If any of these services are not provided your fee will not change because these services are already complimentary.

  4. What if I can’t pick up or drop off during the times I am told? It is best to arrange for someone else to help you with pickup and drop off if the times are not convenient. Prairie Paws doesn’t have a boarding license or enough kennel space to board spay/neuter clients for longer than expected.

  5. What happens if my pet experiences complications after surgery? You will be provided with an instructional handout that explains how to minimize post-operative complications, and what to be on the look-out for. Prairie Paws can answer non-emergency questions during business hours, but you should be prepared to contact a full-service veterinary clinic at your own expense in the event of an emergency.

  6. Can I request additional services like nail trims, heartworm tests etc? No, these clinics have a narrow focus of reducing unwanted litters, reducing disease, and increasing identification. If there are services outside of these that you require please make an appointment with your regular veterinarian.

  7. I work/volunteer for a shelter/rescue, can our adoptable pets be served through these clinics? Yes go ahead and submit an application above.

  8. What are reasons that my application may be denied?

  • Other pets may be prioritized ahead of you due to high risk of generating unwanted litters.

  • If your pet has behavioral issues that place a significant risk on our team, or if your pet is a senior or has health concerns that place them at a high risk of surgical complications (your regular veterinarian is better equipped to handle these pets).

  • If you communicate in your application that your regular veterinarian’s fees are affordable to you (low-cost spay/neuter services are limited and must be prioritized with pets who otherwise will have no access to spay/neuter, so we ask that you utilize your regular veterinarian for spay/neuter).

  • If you reside far away from our clinic location and there are clinics closer to you.


If your application is denied you can try these organizations listed below:

  1. Lawrence Humane Society

  2. Pawprints on the Heartland

  3. Pet Resource Center of Kansas City

  4. Humane Society of Kansas City

  5. Helping Hands Humane Society

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