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Reporting Lost/Found Pets

The most effective way to reunite lost and found pets with their owners is through the national database called Petco Love Lost. This database uses facial recognition to compare pets who are in shelters, and found in the community with pets that are missing. Follow these buttons to get started.

Scroll down to view the pets that are currently serving "stray holds" (3 day waiting period) at our facilities. These pets are not currently available for adoption, but will be evaluated and processed for adoption if they are not reclaimed.

Strays Housed @ Ottawa

(785) 242-2967

Strays Housed @ Manhattan

(785) 587-2783

Other Tips

  • Have the pet scanned for a microchip at vet offices, Prairie Paws or by an Animal Control Officer.

  • Post that you found or are missing a pet on local facebook groups.

For Ottawa: Ottawa/Franklin Co Kansas Lost Pet Alerts Page

For Manhattan: Missing pets Manhattan/Wamego/JC

Lost and Found in Manhattan KS

  • Post on Pawboost

  • If the stray is injured please contact the facility before transporting it.

  • Do not attempt to capture an aggressive dog, call your local Police Department.

  • There are not cat leash laws in the communities we serve and many residents have indoor /outdoor cats. 

  • Please do not kit-nap kittens. Mother cats can spend multiple hours away from their litter hunting.  

  • If you believe you have truly found a homeless house cat in need you can call one of our facilities. Space will determine the intake process.

  • Please remember if you bring a cat to an animal shelter they have 13 percent less of a chance of finding their owners if you were to leave the cat where you found it.

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