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Trap-neuter-return (TNR) is a non-lethal humane program where free-roaming cats (not belonging to particular humans) are humanely trapped; ear-tipped, sterilized and vaccinated; and returned to the outdoor locations where they were found.

TNR immediately stabilizes the size of a cat colony.  Sterilizing 100 percent of the colony will result in a gradual decline of the population over time. In addition, the nuisance behavior often associated with feral cats is dramatically reduced. This includes the yowling and noise that comes with fighting and mating activity and the odor of unneutered males’ spraying to mark their territory. The cats tend to roam less and so become less of a visible presence, yet continue to provide natural rodent control, a valuable benefit in urban areas. Because there are hundreds of thousands of free-roaming cats, and because the vast majority cannot be homed, TNR is the best solution.

To get more information:

For the Ottawa location call 785-242-2967 or email

For the Manhattan location call 785-587-2783 or email

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