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Rehoming a pet?

Because Prairie Paws doesn't euthanize for space, relinquished pets must be pre-approved to ensure space is available. Additionally both of our locations have funding agreements that require the prioritization of residents from certain areas. If we are unable to accept your pet, or the wait is too long, there are many alternatives to relinquishing your pet to Prairie Paws.

Is your pet's behavior unmanageable?

If you are rehoming your pet due to bad behavior, it may not be accepted into the shelter, or may struggle to find a new home. We urge you to try to address behavior issues.

The number 1 solution is spay/neuter. The majority of behavioral issues (aggression, running loose, destructive behaviors, excessive energy, inappropriate urination etc.) can be improved by spaying/neutering your pet. If your pet is already spayed/neutered you can reach out to your veterinarian or a local pet trainer for additional guidance. If you reside in the Manhattan KS area you can apply for the Sorensen Scholarship, which supports pet owners with behavior issues.

Have you tried private rehoming?

Your pet will transition better to a new home if it doesn't have to spend time in a shelter.

Despite widespread myths, rehoming your pet privately is not irresponsible, and is actually the recommended approach by animal welfare professionals. You can provide the new pet owner with accurate information about your pet, and stay in touch with their new family if you want to. It might surprise you to know that animal shelters do not do in-depth background checks on adopters, and rehoming fees to do not guarantee a good home. Private rehoming also keeps kennels available for abandoned and abused animals. By clicking the button below you can list your pet for adoption to other pet owners, and bypass the animal shelter. Click here to learn more. Your pet will also be published on the "privately-owned pets" tab on the adopt menu of our website. It is a good idea to list your pet for private adoption even if you are on a waitlist to relinquish.

Still Needing to Relinquish?

Click the buttons below to learn more about relinquishing to our locations.

Keep in mind that most relinquishments are wait-listed to avoid euthanizing pets for space.

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