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Ottawa KS Dog Licenses

The City of Ottawa, KS requires all dogs 6 months or older residing within city limits to be licensed and inoculated against rabies within 30 days of being in the city. If they are not the city reserves the right to issue a fine to the owners of the unlicensed dog. Licenses are issued annually and expire every year on December 31st.

  • Spayed/Neutered Dogs $15.00/year

  • Unaltered Dogs $40.00/year

  • Late Fee $20.00 (assessed after February 15th 2024)

Buying Your License Online:

  1. Make sure you reside within the city limits of Ottawa KS, and your dog has an unexpired rabies vaccination that doesn’t expire before 2/15/2024. (If your dog’s rabies certificate will expire before this time then wait and re-vaccinate your dog before buying a license)

  2. Click the button below to submit a dog license application. You will need to submit an application for each dog. (If you're encountering difficulties accessing the licensing application, it's possible you already have a profile with us, but your email may need updating. Please reach out to us via phone, and we'll assist you in updating your profile accordingly.)

  3. Our team will review the information you submitted and create your license and assess your fee, and you will receive a text message o email with a link to enter your credit card information. (If you have multiple dogs you will only receive one text as long as you have submitted them on the same day).

  4. Once payment has been received our team will mail you your license and receipt

Additional Information

  1. Prairie Paws is no longer accepting donations for engraving. Engraving can be purchased directly from Suttons Jewelers

  2. Prairie Paws is no longer accepting donations for the Dog Park. These donations can be made directly to the City Clerk’s Office at the City of Ottawa

  3. The City of Ottawa restricts the number of dogs you can own to four (4), Prairie Paws cannot license more than four (4) dogs at a single address

  4. Replacement tags can be purchased for $1.00, or if you acquire a dog that has a current license, it can be transferred to you for $1.00.

  5. Pit Bulls cannot be owned within the City limits of Ottawa, if your rabies certificate indicates your dog is a Pit Bull you cannot purchase a license.

Walking with Dogs
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