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Prairie Paws Animal Shelter inc.

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We are extremely limited on time during our business hours and have created this page to answer basic questions you may have.



  • What should I do if I've been bitten by an animal?



Seek medical attention if necessary. Call the Health Department at 785-229-3530 to file a report. Call Animal Control at 785-242-2561 to contain the animal for rabies observation.



  • Why should I spay/neuter my animal?



Simply put, there are just not enough homes! Currently 7,000,000 animals are euthanized in the United States each year because there are not enough homes for all the animals born.



Additionally, spayed/neutered animals live longer, healthier, happier lives as they are at decreased risk of developing cancers associated with the reproductive organs. Spayed females no longer experience a heat cycle and neutered males are less likely to roam, mark territory, or get into fights.



The shelter offers financial assistance to residents of Franklin County that cannot afford spay/neuter services. Please call the shelter for more information at 785-242-2967 or email us at info@prairiepaws.org







  • Do I have to spay/neuter an animal I adopt from the shelter?



YES! Not only is this our policy, but it is state law and all adopters must sign a legally binding agreement indicating their willingness to spay/neuter if not already done so.






  • What if the animal I adopt is injured or becomes ill after adoption?



The shelter will always take back any adopted animal at any time regardless of circumstance. While no animal would be adopted out without disclosure of a known medical condition, all costs, veterinary and otherwise, are the responsibility of the adopter after the adoption is finalized. The shelter participates in a program that offers 60 days of free pet insurance post adoption. Please visit http://www.sheltercare.com/ for more information about the services covered.






  • Why is the indoors the most appropriate housing for cats?



Cats are susceptible to many illnesses and injuries that are best prevented when housed indoors. Two of these illnesses are FIV and FELV. For more information on either of these diseases, please contact the Shelter during business hours.






  • What do I need to do to reclaim my cat or dog from the Shelter?



Since each situation is different, it is best to contact the Shelter directly. REMEMBER: It is best to visit our Shelter during regular business hours to view the incoming animals and file a lost animal report as soon as you realize your companion is missing.






  • Why is there an adoption fee?



Every animal brought through our doors accumulates approximately $75-$115 in medical expenses. For dogs, it costs approximately $7 to test for heartworm disease and $6 to begin prevention, $10 to vaccinate and de-worm, and $40-80 to spay or neuter. For cats, it costs approximately $7 to test for FELV/FIV, $10 to vaccinate and de-worm, and $35-60 to spay or neuter. The adoption fee helps to cover these costs and the additional costs associated with feeding, housing, grooming, and otherwise caring for all of the animals in our Shelter.

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